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Acceptance Contingency:

The tactical training provided by Rescue Training is of a sensitive nature, conducted by law enforcement personnel, and is provided only to those that have a "need-to-know".  Precautions are taken to assure that we do not disclose tactical operational information to individuals that could potentially use this information for unlawful purpose. In order to verify the credibility of those that we train, the applicant must be an EMT and working within the public safety arena (Police. Fire, or EMS), the military, or working within a division of the US Department of Homeland Security. All applicants must provide verifiable proof of EMT training and public safety employment. This is done by providing a copy of your EMT certification and a letter from your employer, on official company letterhead, verifying this fact and offering the name, rank, and contact phone number of the agency head or authorizing person issuing the letter. Final acceptance into this TEMS Program is contingent upon this verification process.

Responsibilities of the Medic

A team medical officer is a necessary component of every tactical law enforcement team. In this document, the terms “tactical medic” and “team medical officer” are used interchangeably and refer to a medical provider assigned to the team. His functions include:

  • Acquiring and maintaining important medical history, immunization status and current health status of each team member. The confidentiality of this information is ensured by the medical officer. He also ensures the transfer of information to appropriate medical personnel to save valuable time during the treatment of injury and illness.
  • Developing appropriate physical fitness, psychological stress prevention, and self-aid/buddy aid programs for team personnel. Monitoring the medical effects of environmental conditions on individual and team performance; including considerations such as sleep deprivation, nutritional status and heat and cold stress. The tactical medic immediately brings any problems to the Commander’s attention.
  • Providing field medical treatment to team members injured or taken ill while engaged in mission activity. He ensures that team members are afforded the best possible treatment and are transferred in a timely manner to an appropriate level of care. He provides humanitarian medical assistance to non-law enforcement personnel injured or taken ill during an operation until appropriate transfer to the EMS system can be safely affected.
  • Serving as the patient advocate for officers who are treated by other medical providers. He establishes good working relationships with local EMS systems and with receiving medical institutions and assures appropriate integration of the team’s medical program with the local health care delivery system. He also keeps commanding officers appraised of his findings and recommends actions, which should be taken to insure optimum outcome for the officer and the team following injury or illness.
  • Conducting Medical Threat Assessments to determine the potential impact of medical/health factors on mission outcome and serving as the Medical Intelligence Officer. He serves as a health information resource for team members. These functions are an integral part of the mission planning process. The team medical officer is the commander’s conscience and advisor on matters relating to the health of the team.


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