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9-A Mall Terrace
Savannah, Ga  31406
Phone 877.692.8911

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Topics / Activities of the Tactical Medic Program Include:

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (2005 revised), Immediate Reaction Team Concepts, Latest Concepts in Legal Liability Aspects of the Tactical Medic, Sports Medicine for the Tactical Athlete, Non-Mission Medical Care, Medical Aspects of Specific Operations, Medical Threat Assessment/Medical Preplanning, Tactical Movement, Extraction, Assessment and Remote Assessment Methodology, Equipment Selection/Special Medical Gear for Tactical Operations, Hostage Survival, Tactical Airway Considerations, Extended Operations Considerations and Logistics, Heat Stress, Team Health and Management, Basic Suturing, Clandestine Drug Labs and Booby Traps, Medicine Across the Barricade, Dive Medicine, Water Rescue, Advanced Personnel Recovery, Ballistics/Forensics, CBRNE and Toxic Hazards, Medical Effects of Less-Lethal Weapons, Anti-Personnel Devices, Field Expedient Decontamination, Riot Control Agents, Medical and Tactical Response to 4th Generation Warfare, and much more..

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