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Tactical Medic Instructors

The RTI Tactical Medic program is conducted by some of the most talented and experienced instructors in the nation. All instructors are professionals, working full-time in their individual disciplines. They come together from all across the nation to share their expertise and assist students/medics in obtaining a thorough understanding of applying good medicine in bad places. Each course may include additional instructors not listed here and not all of these instructors may be able to travel to all courses at all locations but f you want to receive tactical medic training conducted by instructors that have "been there and done that", true members of the special operations medical community, then the RTI EMT-Tactical™ course is for you..

David E. Hall Jr., NREMT-P
CEO / Instructor

Dave is the President and CEO of Rescue Training Inc (est. 1992).  His history in Tactical Medicine began as the first "tactical paramedic" assigned to the Savannah Police Department's SWAT unit, Dave lead a seven-man Tactical Medic team for seven years. Locally, Dave is the coordinator of the Chatham County Medical Reserve Corps. He has over 30 years experience in Emergency Medical Services. As one of the founders of a Level One Trauma Center based Helicopter/EMS program, Dave has extensive experience in EMS administration with 16 years managing and growing the service to become the largest EMS agency in south Georgia; Prior to that Dave served seven years as a paramedic-supervisor for a large County Police operated EMS agency. Dave maintains the following certifications; Flight Paramedic; Tactical Medic Instructor; Georgia Level II EMS Instructor; Nationally Registered Paramedic and paramedic licensed in the states of Georgia and Florida. He received his initial Tactical Medic training at the CONTOMS program in Bethesda, MD. He regularly teaches, speaks, publishes articles and consults on the topic of EMS operations and tactical medicine. Dave is also a licensed US Coast Guard Captain (charter boat), and a board member of several companies.

Richard O. Shields, Jr., M.D., FACEP
Emergency Physician /
RTI Medical Director

In 1984, Dr. Shields moved to Savannah to join Emergency Medical Group at Memorial Medical Center. While at MMC he served as Medical Director of the Emergency Department and Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine, and served on many hospital committees including Medical Executive, Occurrence Screening, Utilization Review, Critical Care, and Trauma. At the end of 1997, Dr. Shields left MMC to help establish SouthCoast UrgentCare.  In early 1999 he was recruited to join the expanding group of physicians at GEA.  He currently staffs four of the GEA hospital ED's and currently serves as Medical Director of the Candler ED.   He also is the web master for GEA Online. Dr. Shields was Board Certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) in 1984, and re-certified in 1994 and 2004.  He also serves as an Oral Board Examiner for ABEM.   He is a member and Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians.  He has held numerous offices with the Georgia College of Emergency Physicians including a two-year term as President.  He currently serves on the GCEP Board of Directors.

Chief Gary J. Glemboski, MA, NREMT-I
Director of Tactical Training

Chief Glemboski is currently the Chief of Department of the Army Police at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA.  He retired from the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Dept. after 27 years of service. His membership in that department’s SWAT team includes 25 years and commander of the unit for 12 years. After his years with SWAT he became the commander of the departments Training Division. Gary has been in law enforcement since 1978 and has been a certified EMT since 1979. He co-developed the RTI Tactical Medic program with Dave Hall, who was his partner in 1980-1981. Chief Glemboski is Director of the Global Tactical Training Group (G-TAC) and instructs all levels of tactical training and physical skills. Chief Glemboski has a Masters Degree in Public Administration, and is a graduate of Georgia Law Enforcement Command College and the FBI National Academy. He also holds instructor certifications as a scuba instructor with NAUI and is a Public Safety Scuba Instructor and a former member of the ERDI Advisory Board. Chief Glemboski has been published in several publications to include SWAT magazine and the FBI Bulletin.

David A. Comte, NREMT-P
(Ret.) Special Forces Medic Instructor

David is a 20 year veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces.  He served as the senior medic for a Special Forces (SF) Operational Detachment for 8 years, an SF company medic for 1 year, and an SF battalion medic for 1 year.  After 10 years of operational duty, David moved to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina where he attended the Special Warfare Center Instructor’s Course and taught at the Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course and at the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center (JSOMTC).  While at the JSOMTC, David was a senior instructor for the Special Operations Combat Medic (SOCM) course and the Special Forces Medical Sergeants (SFMS) course.  He also served as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) of the Military Medicine block of instruction, the resident expert for Field Training Exercises, the Clinical Coordinator for all SOCM clinical rotations in civilian trauma centers, and as the Company Operations Sergeant.  David also served as the Battalion Operations Sergeant for the technical skills portion of the Special Forces Qualification Course where he was responsible for the coordination of training for future SF Officers, SF Weapons Sergeants, SF Engineers, and SF Communications Sergeants.  David is also an honor graduate of the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Officers course and an instructor in hand-to-hand combat.

William P. Bozeman, M.D., F.A.C.E.P.
As. Professor, Emergency Medicine, Wake Forest University

Experience: Medical Director, Clay County (FL) Fire Rescue 1996 – 1999; Board of Fire Surgeons, Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department 1999 – 2003; Director of Prehospital Services, Dept of Emergency Medicine, Univ of Florida 1999 – 2003; Tactical Physician, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team  2000 – 2003; NASA Space Shuttle support physician 1999 – 2003; Senior Medical Officer, FL-4 Disaster Medical Assistance Team 2000 - 2003; Member, Institutional Review Board, University of Florida 1999 – 2003; Director of Research, Dept of Emergency Medicine, Univ of Florida 2000 – 2003; Reviewer, Annals of Emergency Medicine 1999 – present; Associate Research Director, Dept of Emergency Medicine, Wake Forest Univ. 2003 – present; Education: BS 1988; MD - 1992 Medical University of South Carolina; Residency 92-95 Johns Hopkins University ; Fellowship 1996 University of Maryland (R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center)

 Keith A. Jochem, NREMT-I, EMT-T
Former Army Ranger Medic, HAAF, Savannah, GA

Keith is a 6 year combat veteran of the U.S. Army 1st Ranger Battalion, HAAF. Alpha Company Senior Medic for two years and a platoon medic for four years. As the company’s senior medical NCO, Keith coordinated and managed minor surgical, tactical, and daily sick call medicine. He ordered and managed all company medical functions for 120 Rangers. Keith served as a live tissue instructor during the Combat Trauma Management (CTM) course at Ft. Bragg, N.C. His experience includes time spent overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Keith is a graduate of the Special Operations Combat Medic (SOCM) Paramedic course. He also attended the 75th Ranger Regiment Company Senior Medic Team Leader and Instructors course at Ft. Benning and Operational & Emergency Medical Skills Course (OEMS) held in Virginia by the FBI’s Chief Physician. As a civillian Keith was employed by Blackwater USA and is a Department of State certified High Threat Personal Security Specialist/ Medic. His expansive tour of two years working on a Protective Security Detail (PSD) Team in Iraq has given him real world experience in threat assessment, dignitary personal protection, motorcade driving and security, and recognition and counter measures with improvised explosive devices (IED) and explosively formed penetrations (EFP). Keith is currently actively pursuing a medical related degree. Certifications include: SOCM Paramedic, NREMT-I, EMT-T, BLS, Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

Jeffrey Tambasco, Tactical Trainer
Retired SWAT Commander / Kissimmee, FL

Jeff Tambasco retired at the rank of Captain and SWAT Team Commander with the Kissimmee Police Department in Central Florida.  Jeff has twenty five years in law enforcement with twenty three years as an active SWAT team operator.  During his career, Jeff has been assigned to patrol, special enforcement (narcotics) and criminal investigations.  Jeff has SWAT experience as an entry member, sniper, assistant team leader, team leader, assistant team commander and team commander.  As a high liability instructor, he holds instructor certifications in Firearms, carbine/ rifles, shotgun, less lethal munitions, chemical munitions, distraction devices, defensive tactics, pursuit driving and SWAT tactics. Jeff is also a Nationally Registered EMT. 

Maj. Alf Zeilinger NREMT-P, EMT-T, DES
EMSA / Tulsa County SO, Tulsa, OK

Major Alf Zeilinger is a TEMS / Clinical Coordinator for Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA), the largest provider of EMS 911 service in the State of Oklahoma.  Alf has more than 15 years experience as a Paramedic in high volume urban EMS Operations in Oklahoma and Texas. He currently manages and oversees all aspects of tactical medical operations including the continuing education for the EMSA Tactical medical units which are attached to 3 different law enforcement agencies. Alf is a sworn Deputy and has served for over 8 years on the Tulsa County SO SWAT team. He is currently the Tactical Medic Team Leader and is assigned to the entry team. Alf, a Master Diver, is also the Dive Medical Officer for the Tulsa County SO Underwater Investigation Unit. He has attended or taught advanced training in pre-hospital medicine, tactical medicine, dive medicine, law enforcement and hazardous materials.   He has numerous instructor credentials including EMS Instructor, ACLS, BLS, AMLS, PEPP, PALS, etc... In 2011, he was a member of the training /scoring cadre for the National TACMED Championship held in Oklahoma. A military veteran, he has deployed to numerous countries and served in Operation Desert Shield/Storm.

Ken R. Fuller, NREMT-I
1SG Brigade Medic, Ft Bragg, NC

Ken has been a military medic since 1980, and is currently the Brigade Medic for 1st Training BDE at Ft. Bragg, NC. Ken served 5 years as the Det. 524 medic for the 19th Special Forces, and is also a graduate of Army Airborne, Recondo, Jungle & the S.E.R.E. level-C schools. While stationed in Colorado he worked on a mountain rescue team for 3 years. His last combat deployment was to the country of Yemen. Ken’s certifications include: NREMT-I, Preventive Medicine Instructor, Chemical / Bio Hazard Technician, Swiftwater Rescue Tech. (instructor tng. to be completed Spring 2010), Mountain Rescue Instructor, Vehicle Extrication Instructor and works part-time for First Health EMS in North Carolina.

Mark Sussman, Advanced Tactical Practitioner (ATP)
Special Forces Medical Instructor, Ft. Bragg NC

Mark is a veteran of U.S. Army SOF, spanning 20 years and five major conflicts.  He participated in combat operations with 1st Ranger Battalion in Operation Just Cause, special reconnaissance missions in Iraq, and numerous missions in Central America. Mark has served with 12th, 7th and 3rd SFG, and specializes in Civil/Military Medical Operations.  Most recently, he operated in support of OEF at the most active firebase in Southern Afghanistan, while establishing the region’s only hospital, seeing over 5,000 patients in 6 months.  Mark is a graduate of the Special Operations Combat Medic Course (SOCM), the Special Forces Medical Sergeant’s Course (SFMS) and the Civil Affairs Medical Sergeant’s Course (CAMS).  He has served as an instructor for both the Trauma portion of SOCM as well as TCCC courses for the Special Operations Community.  He currently serves as a tactical medical instructor at the Small Unit Tactics portion of the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC).  Mark is also a candidate for the Interservice Physician’s Assistant Program in San Antonio, Texas and is currently pursuing an advanced degree in Biochemistry.

Walter Nichols, NREMT-P
Director, Ft. Stewart / H.A.A.F. EMS

Walter is Viet Nam Veteran and a Flight Paramedic in Savannah in addition to his responsibilities as the Director of EMS for Ft. Stewart/ HAAF EMS. Walter is Affiliate Faculty / Instructor Trainer in PHTLS. He is an instructor in practically all advanced EMS courses, including ACLS, BTLS, PALS, etc. Walter brings over 25 years of medical experience to the program.

William "BJ" Hall, EMT-P, SWAT Medic
St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office / Jacksonville Fire and Rescue -Fla.

BJ is a senior Swat Team member and Tactical Medic Team leader of a 25-man team. BJ started with SJSO in 1988 as a Full time Deputy, assigned to Patrol / K-9 after working for nine years as a Patrol/ Narcotics K-9 handler, and Three Dogs. BJ switched to the SWAT team as a Tactical Paramedic and Rappel Master and Electronics. He is also assigned to the dive team as a state cert. Police Diver and to the E.O.D. unit (Bomb Squad) / BJ also works for the City of Jacksonville Fire Dept as a fire fighter / paramedic. Assigned to FEMA Team Task force 5 as a K-9 handler/Instructor.  BJ is an EMT/ Paramedic Instructor, BLS Instructor, Firearm Instructor, Driving Instructor Gen. Topic instructor and SWAT team Instructor for the Basic 80 hour SWAT Course. And Drill Instructor for Sheriff’s office Juvenile Boot Camp.

Savannah, GA

With over 17 years as a competitor, Ngu’s martial art experience extends over multiple disciplines, including Commando Krav Maga, the Israeli elite fighting system. He is currently certified as a black belt in Aikido, Tangsudo and Taekwondo, and he served 5 years on the American Taekwondo demonstration team.  Ngu holds numerous Excellence in Academics Awards and many Martial Arts Awards, including Regional Champion (1998-2001). His more recent honors include the Strength & Endurance Competition Award for 2006.  He has trained the Special Forces 160th SOAR Night Stalkers and is a private martial arts instructor.  Ngu is certified as an Ocean Rescue Lifeguard through both the Red Cross and the Professional Lifeguard of American Safety & Health Aquatic Institute. Ngu’s medical qualifications include certifications in ACLS, BLS, BTLS, EMT-I, EMT-P, and Confined Space and Extrication.  He holds a Bachelors degree of Science in Biology with emphasis on Parasitology, Virology, Medical Microorganisms & Disease and is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Parasitology.

Juan Atan, Paramedic/Firefighter
Orange County Fire Rescue, Florida

Juan has been a member of the Orange County Sheriff’s office for the past 10 years and has assisted them with their tactical medic program. He is a member of the Florida SWAT Association TEMS Committee. Juan has been with the Orange County Fire Rescue Department for the past fifteen years.  He is currently a Lieutenant/ Paramedic II and his educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Health Administration from Barry University (1997), Fire Service certification from Miami-Dade Community College (1991) and a Master’s Degree in Security Management with a minor in Homeland Security from Bellevue University (2007).  In addition to holding numerous certifications in EMS, he also has a Fire Instructor III and Hazmat Technician certification through the State of Florida.  He is a Special Operations Technician with knowledge in Trench Rescue, Confined Space, and Weapons of Mass Destruction among other things.  He is also a member of one of the unique units Orange County Fire Rescue has to offer, which is the “Medical Bike Patrol Team.”  He is a former member of the “CHASE Program” (helicopter unit) and also one of the original crewmembers of the “FireStar Program” (helicopter unit).  He is currently part of the Central Florida USAR Task Force 4 with a classification of “Medical Specialist” and DMAT FL-6 team.   

Jason Waite, NREMT-P, EMT-T
Tactical Medic / Savannah, GA

Jason serves as a Paramedic with MedStar Ambulance Service in Savannah, GA and is a Tactical Medic assigned to the Savannah Police Department's SWAT Team.  As a member of a pioneer program of Tactical Bomb Medics working with The SCMPD EOD team he “dresses out and moves down range” with the bomb techs as they work to defeat a device. The MedStar Tactical Medics are "regional" working not only with the newly formed Garden City SWAT Team, they also provide Tactical Medical Support for local ATF and FBI. Jason holds multiple instructor ratings and routinely teaches at the RTI Medical Simulation Center.  Jason is a veteran of the US Marines, assigned to the Sixth Marine Regiment and the Second Reconnaissance Battalion.  He is a veteran of multiple deployments to all corners of the world and a commercially rated aircraft pilot with hundreds of hours of flight time. 

Carl R. Boyd, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Physician / Professor

As a CONTOMS "Medical Director's Course" graduate, he was instrumental in starting the Tactical Medic Program in Savannah. Carl received his undergraduate degree at the University of Louisville in 1972 and subsequently completed medical school at the University of Kentucky in 1976.  Following medical school, Dr. Boyd completed Surgical Residency training at Memorial Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia.  From 1983 to 1993, Dr. Boyd maintained a surgical practice, and was appointed as the Director of Trauma Services and Medical Director of LIFESTAR and MedStar emergency medical services.  He served as the Director of the Department of Surgical Education from 1993-2000.  Dr. Boyd is a member of numerous local and national professional societies and has published over 50 articles in nationally recognized journals.  He is a full Professor at Mercer University School of Medicine and Associate Professor of Surgery at the Medical College of Georgia.  In addition to being board-certified in General Surgery and Surgical/Critical Care, Dr. Boyd is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Lt. Ramon Gonzalez, EMT-P, EMT-T
Company Officer / Paramedic, Collier County, FL

Ramon has been a medic since 1995. Joined the Polk County, FL Sheriffs Office ERT as a Tactical Medic in 2005. Completed the TEMS program and basic SWAT school. In 2006 Ramon joined the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) for Collier County, FL where he serves as "Company Officer" and accepted the assignment to re-establish the Tactical Medic program within Collier County and the CCEMS. He also works for Central Florida Safety Training as a BLS/F.A. instructor.

Lt. Chris Hoyne, EMT-P, EMT-T
SWAT Medic TL, Clearwater, FL        

Chris Hoyne is a Lt. and  Fire/Paramedic with the Clearwater Fire Dept. and a Tactical Medic for Clearwater SWAT and ERT Teams. Chris has been a tactical medic for 8 yrs. and currently serves as the Medic Team Leader. He is a certified Fire Instructor that has taught the new recruit’s Rapid intervention and survival. He also teaches IRT and High Threat Extraction to multiple police and government agencies. He is an instructor and a member of the TEMS committee for The Florida Swat Association. Chris was an instructor for the Navy’s Train the Trainer TCCC course at Camp Pendleton.

Robert E. Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.S.
 Surgeon / Rt. Major -US Army

 Dr Johnson is the CEO of Southeast ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery, PC and is a consultant for the Chatham County Health Department for “Weapons of Mass Destruction."; Major, U.S. Army, retired. Active duty from July 1975 to August 1986, then again from June 1990 until retirement in June 2001. Enlisted service from 1975-1981 as U.S Army Ranger and in U.S. Army Special Forces, attaining rank of E-6. Served as Physician Assistant and medical platoon leader from 1981-1986 in the Berlin Brigade, in the 1st Armor Division in Germany and in the Dept of Family Practice at Eisenhower Army Medical Center in Augusta, GA, and attaining rank of CW3. Following medical school, residency and fellowship training, served as Chief, Head & Neck Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery and Assistant Chief, Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI from 1996-2001.Bob is an active ATLS Course Director and State Faculty. 

Sean McKay, FF/Lead Medic/Tactical Medic
Clearwater, FL Police/Fire

Sean has been a firefighter/Paramedic since 1996.  He is currently a Firefighter/Lead Paramedic with Clearwater Fire & Rescue and has been a member of the Clearwater Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics team since 1999.  He is the Team Leader for the SWAT Medic/Rescue component of the team (Special Operations Rescue Team).  He completed his tactical training through the Pinellas County SWAT School (SEPSI) and his tactical medical training through CONTOMS.  Sean is an instructor in BLS, BTLS, ACLS, and is a adjunct instructor for St. Petersburg College, the Southeast Public Safety Institute and the National Terrorism Preparedness Institute.    He teaches Tactical Combat Casualty Care, basic and advanced Tactical EMS, and Immediate Reaction Team concepts.  He has instructed courses in high threat officer rescue, WMD, Decon and counter-terrorism, Forth Generation Warfare, Improvised Explosive Devices, and Limited Exposure Team response to 4GW.  He holds an AS in EMS, and won the 2003 (Dallas) & 2005 (San Diego) International Tactical EMS “Medic-up” Competition and took 2nd Place in 2004 (Virginia Beach).  Sean was the recipient of the Clearwater Police Department’s Chief’s Unit Citation in 2002, and the Clearwater Fire-Rescue Department’s Chief’s Unit Citation for Distinguished Service in 2004.  He also received the Law Enforcement Commendation Medal for tactical operational medical support during Hurricane Charlie relief and security efforts. Sean also instructs in firefighter Rapid Intervention Teams and firefighter survival techniques. Sean frequently lectures at ITEMS conferences / symposiums, and is the rescue product reviewer for ITEMS.

Chris Harper, NREMT-P, CAS
Tactical Medic,
Franklin County, GA

Chris is a paramedic supervisor in northeast Georgia. He spent 6 years in the US Army Reserves with the first half of his duty assigned to the 11th Special Forces Group. Concurrently, he studied Sports Medicine at the Univ. of Georgia for 4 years, and worked in the University training room for the last 2 of those years. In 1994 Chris got into EMS, and due to a lifelong interest in venomous reptiles and the lack of available training, developed an educational program on snakebite for medical personnel. He established and manages the largest venomous reptile website in the world, and has worked behind the scenes of many television programs as both a consultant on snakebite and a venomous snake handler. He also consults on snakebites for area hospitals and is recognized as a snakebite expert by many MD's and Ph.D.'s, and has even been recognized by Arizona Poison Control for his expertise. Chris is also a PHTLS instructor, a Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist, and has trained in multiple martial arts disciplines, including Aikido, Hapkido, Chito Ryu, Judo, and Jujitsu.

Sgt Mark Rich, Tactical Trainer,
PD Training Director Richmond Hill, GA

Sgt. Rich is the current Director of the Richmond Hill, GA Police Department Training Division. Sgt. Rich is a POST Certified Senior Instructor Trainer with Specialized Certifications in the fields of Firearms Training, Defensive Tactics, Less Lethal Munitions, SWAT, Special Operations Response, and instructs at all levels of tactical training and physical skills.

Lt. Doug Byrd, NREMT-P
Special Operations Officer - SC PD

Doug is a Patrol Officer / Tactical Medic with the Ridgeland Police Departments and the assigned Tactical Medic for Jasper County Sheriff's Office. The majority of his Tactical experience is from the U.S.M.C where he was active duty for 4 years. Doug has been a paramedic for 6 years, and has served as the special operations director for Jasper County Emergency Services. He has been a Firefighter for over 16 years. Doug has been instructing students for 8 years in various fire and EMS related topics. Doug is a graduate of the first Tactical Medic Course at Rescue Training Inc. Instructor and certs include: NREMT-P; AHA Instructor; ASHI Instructor; NFA Instructor; Firefighter/Rescue Tech/Haz-Mat Tech

William J. Bromberg, M.D.
Trauma Surgeon / Asst. Professor

 WILLIAM J. BROMBERG, M.D., completed his undergraduate education at The University of Virginia in 1992 and went on to earn his medical degree from the same school in 1996.  Following completion of his general surgery residency at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Dr. Bromberg underwent fellowship training in trauma and surgical critical care at Lehigh Valley's Level I trauma center.  He joined the staff of the Savannah Surgical Group in 2002 and is an assistant professor of surgery at Mercer University School of Medicine.  Dr. Bromberg is board certified in both general surgery and critical care.