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Who may take the course?
  • All medics working for Public Safety agencies (Police, Fire and EMS), the military / DoD, or a unit of the Department of Homeland Security. Medical training minimum is the EMT-Basic level. This training is considered "sensitive training" and employment status is verified.

Who teaches the course?

  • The Rescue Training staff includes several physicians, tactical police instructors, paramedic and EMS instructors, active tactical medics, and other specialty skill instructors. see faculty list....

How long is the course?

  • The course is scheduled for 52 hours over a five day period. The course may be closer to 60 hours during the summer months (we do not break awaiting night-fall to conduct the night exercises).

Is this course "certified" and will I receive a certificate?

  • Rescue Training Inc has been approved by the Georgia Department of Human Resources and the US Veterans Administration to issue certificates for EMT-Tactical. In addition, other states have allowed us to issue CEUs on a per course basis. It is approved for 45 hours of EMS medical CEUs acceptable to National Registry for re-certification for section 2. It is approved for 45 training hours by the Veterans Administration for use of the GI Bill. It is POST (Police Officers Standards and Training) certified (each state varies requirements). All participants receive a certificate upon completion of the course. A "Certificate of Attendance" is issued to those that attend all sessions each day. A "Certificate of Successful Completion" along with CEUs is issued to those passing the course. Recommended recertification is three years.

Can RTI bring the course to our location?

  • Rescue Training Inc has conducted this course at many locations outside of our home facility/training center in Savannah, GA, to include the Florida State Fire College, US Army - Ft. Richardson, AK, Storm EMS - Derby, CT, US Border Patrol - El Paso, TX, Fulton Co PD - Atlanta, GA., Corpus Christi, TX, Uniontown, PA, Burlington, KY, Orlando, FL, Oklahoma, Virginia, etc.  So the short answer: We love to travel!

How do I go about bringing this course to our location?

  • Call Dave Hall toll free 877.692.8911 to discuss hosting requirements.

How much does it cost?

  • The typical course fee is $795.00. It may change depending on the location of the course.

What's included in the course fee?

  • All materials, books, manuals, instructors, expendable supplies, etc. Not included is room, meals, and travel. However, we will try to secure the best possible rates, convenience, and quality for your accommodations.

How do I register?

  • Go to the Documents and Downloads page and complete the registration forms and fax them to RTI at 912.692.1338   Documents & Downloads..

For additional questions please call Dave Hall  toll free at 877.692.8911