EMT - Tactical

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Savannah, Ga  31406
Phone 877.692.8911

TEMS - West County, MO (This course is now closed)

The West County EMS & Fire is sponsoring an EMT-Tactical certification course during the week of  June 4-8, 2018

Not taking additional applications for this course!!

*All registrations will be handled through the West County EMS & Fire Protection District beginning in October 2017

Registration should be mailed, faxed or emailed to:

West County EMS & Fire Protection District

223 Henry Ave. Manchester, MO 63011

Attn: Megan Hecht ( mhecht@westcounty-fire.org )

COST: $1000.00

HOST AGENCY:   West County EMS & Fire Protection District

For more information call: 636-256-2000
Fax #: 636-227-5931


Training Site Location: West County EMS & Fire Protection

13790 Manchester Rd.
 Manchester, MO 63011



Prerequisites: Medical training to at least the EMT-Basic level; Working for a Public Safety Agency.

Tuition: $1000

Deadline for Registration: Until Full (32) 

AIRPORT - St. Louis Lambert International Airport

Manchester, MO


St Louis County


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